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Pure mineral drinking water with silver ions

Pure mineral drinking water with silver ions , фото 1
Pure mineral drinking water with silver ions , фото 2Pure mineral drinking water with silver ions , фото 3
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Pure mineral drinking water with silver ions
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В наличииPure mineral drinking water with silver ions
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Our Company can supply purified natural mineral drinking water in different kinds of bottles and in various quantity. The water meets world all requirements on quality. The water is processed and enriched by the silver ions. It has medical conclusion for health application. This water is the bases for production our own drinks on the basis of fruits and berries. Conditions, volumes and sales prices for fruit and berry drinks are additionally discussed (contact our cell phones on the web-site).

All necessary certificates for drinking mineral water are available. You can find certificates and laboratory analysis results in attachment, following the links below. The water is extracted from 300 m depth well, located in Vinnitsa Region.

The forms of cooperation are as follows:

 - you can buy water under our own brand;

 - we can produce and supply you the water under your own customer brand;

 - we can export water to China, other countries of Asia and Europe.

 The producer has all necessary documents certifying the quality and origin of the water. The goods are ready for bottling, packing and shipment / export.

You can find the prices and volumes HERE;

The goods' documentation is  HERE.


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Страна производительУкраина
ТипМинеральная вода
УпаковкаПластиковая бутылка
Добавление газаНегазированная
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